Stan Bryan 'Artist in Wood' Documentary

This short documentary is filmed and edited by Tony Bates from ToCan Media and the music is an extract from Antonio Vivaldi's 1st movement of his stunning Four Seasons "winter" concerto.

Introducing the wonderful world of Artist in Wood Stan Bryan, where every piece of wood sculpture is unique. Stan lives and works in the shadow Conisborough Castle, inspiration for Sir Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe, which is located close to Doncaster in South Yorkshire, England. After being in the British Army for over 17 years and travelling around the world, Stan brings together a fusion of cultural styles and influences to create his very own vision of artistry in a wide range of woods.

Citing such personal influences as Bin Po, formally of Vietnam and now from the USA and Joey Richardson from Humberside in the UK along with the fine finial work of American Cindy Drozda and the Spiral and open bind work of Stuart Mortimer, Stan gives a demonstration of one of his turning techniques and a brief description of some of the array of decoration and finishing styles he employs. We can also see the end results of his creativity with a cross section of samples from his final pieces.

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