I am Stan Bryan, I live in Conisbrough in South Yorkshire with my wife Susan who enjoys art and crafts and likes to make suggestions on my designs and colours.

My love of wood and woodturning started, like most people, at school and has stayed with me ever since.

A few years ago we went to China, I was amazed at the architecture and furniture design and on my return I made a few items in the oriental style, only when I saw a DVD on thin wall woodturning by a man called Binh Pho was I truly inspired, not only by his remarkable artwork, but also his life story.

Cindy Drozda is another turner who has inspired my finial work with her expert designs and turning skills.

It was only in 2009 that I started exhibiting my work at the request of Andrea Bretherton at BrevonArt Gallery (Doncaster), but the response has been uplifting. Every time I enter my workshop it is like Christmas – opening another present in the form of a piece of wood, I never know exactly what awaits inside. The different colours and idiosyncrasies of every piece I turn amaze me. If I can release these for other people to admire, then I am happy.

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